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Turnstile Security Systems and Controlled Access Systems

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Quality Turnstile installation and the best selection of high tech security systems are just two of the reasons that make the perfect choice for security turnstiles. When you're looking for the best in security access, loss control devices, and high tech security systems, look no further than Since 1989, we've proudly been offering the best security turnstiles that help greatly increase the visible security of your business or organization. We're USA GSA licensed, and are the chosen provider of Security Turnstiles by a number of respected Organizations and Businesses.

Take a look at our client list, and our installation -


# 1

# 1


Turnstile / Gate Timed-Release Button with Power Supply

$ 512.00

(each controlled direction)



Turnstile Release

Data Sheet

$ 140.00

Data Sheet

Turnstile Keypad
& Lock Vandle

Data Sheet

$ 491.00

SSX - 52 SR

Data Sheet

$ 318.00



Data Sheet

Optical Beam System



Data Sheet

$ 809.00

Electronic Counter for use with Photobeam


Data Sheet

$ 300.00

Totalizer with
Pulse Input

Installation Manual

$ 1,000.00

$ 389.00


Stackable Light,

Color Green

$ 164.00


Relay,Time Delay

Stackable Light Base

$ 102.00


$ 10.00

Data Sheet

$ 150.00

Custom, Industrial-Grade Stainless Steel Box Assembly - AV-PHP-6A

$ 149.00

Custom, Industrial-Grade Stainless Steel Box Assembly - AV-PHP-7A

$ 277.00


Data Sheet

$ 477.00

Solar Wireless Outdoor Photoelectric

3 Beam Sensor

Data Sheet

$ 510.00

Turnstile & Automobile Access Control - Token Controller

# 2

# 2

Optical Beam Counting System

When it comes to security, you’re in safe hands when you choose Turnstiles.US.  At Turnstiles.US we carry everything you need to create a maximum security system. From a photoelectric sensor to an audio strobe light, we have the tools that are sure to help increase your visible security. In conjunction with our security turnstiles, the items on this page are designed to keep your organization secure. Whether looking to upgrade the security of your prison or business, Turnstile.US is the best choice.


From electric counters to use with a Photobeam to a photoelectric sensor, you’ll be able to monitor who is entering and exiting your location so you can keep it secure. We also carry turnstile AutoGate releases to be used with the security turnstiles we also carry. Don’t forget, Turnstiles.US also offers quality turnstile installation. When it comes to security, make Turnstiles.US your only choice! Shop security turnstiles and jump/crawl detection accessories at Turnstiles.US today!