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Invisible (Optical) Turnstiles

Controlled access to locations like prisons, clubs, stadiums, amusement parks, and hotels among other things, is very important for both security and regulatory reasons. Turnstiles, gates that allow single passage, typically in one direction, are an efficient and incredibly cost-effective way to control access in these spaces. While most turnstile security systems serve more or less a similar purpose, they are not all identical. Turnstiles can be categorized into three different groups: video, mechanical, and optical. Each serves a different purpose: record entry/exit, prevent entry/exit, and authorization control, respectively. We've previously gone into more detail on what distinguishes mechanical turnstiles from the others, and now we're here to elaborate more on optical turnstiles.

Invisible turnstiles, otherwise referred to as optical turnstiles, take the idea of mechanical turnstiles but instead of a physical presence use technology. As previously mentioned, these turnstiles were created for control over who passes through. Unlike their physical counterparts, optical turnstiles don't use a physical method of blocking passage but instead use technology to alert when unauthorized people are passing through with sounds and lights. This means a person may need a magnetic access card or something of the likes.

These "invisible" turnstiles make great controlled access for places that need it but don’t want the physical turnstiles creating a distraction that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. So, these are often utilized in locations like banks and corporate offices in the lobby. In order to be properly supervised, they normally placed near a secretary or reception so someone is there is someone unauthorized passes through. The first optical turnstiles were established in companies like Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo in San Francisco.

Each different kind of turnstile has its own use in turnstile security systems. Optical turnstiles do a simple and efficient job of controlling access to certain things without creating a clunky eyesore. Whether they’re programmed to accept payment of some kind, access credentials, control traffic flow, or prevent exit, turnstiles are the right solution to many security faults. To learn more about turnstile security systems and how they can enhance security for you, get in touch today. Call 303-569-6776 ext. 101 or drop us a line at