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Full Height Turnstile Gates in Aluminum With Lexan

Your best options in security style gates and turnstiles to secure areas that need high security

For decades, our turnstile gates have been the top choice of engineers, architects, and security professionals because of the reliable and effective security solutions they provide. Turnstiles US serves prisons as well as other organizations or businesses that needs to restrict access to and from its premises and to create visible security.

There are various options available in security style gates and turnstiles such as these full height turnstiles in Aluminum with Lexan:

The Tiffany T80-S and T80-T

These turnstile gates are available in T80-S (single) and T80-T (tandem) versions. These are full height, high-security, tamper-resistant, turnstiles manufactured with 6061/T6 anodized aluminum ovaline arms and feature Sabic IP Lexan polycarbonate yoke assemblies for an open appearance.

Features such as the 6500 Series Control Head, interior height of 84 inches and pedestrian clearance of 30 inches, self-centering with adjustable hydraulic shock suppression, permanently lubricated bearings and choice of manual or electronic control makes this a flexible turnstile to accommodate varied security requirements. Metal detection portals, card reader mounting places, and eight-digit LCD counters add further layers of security to the system.

The Monitor RD70 Series

This is a great option for when style is required along with security. The three-vane revolving door type high-security portal is designed for locations requiring improved visitor security or as a barrier between production and office areas. Instead of a traditional physical barrier to prevent passage in the wrong direction, the RD70 comes equipped with a high-tech ultrasonic sensor.

The Tiffany P60 series

Another stylish option, these turnstile gates have shock suppressors and non-entrapment features. The canopy provided in addition to the Lexan arms offers a modern and open look. The three vane turnstile’s weather resistant finish and automatic indent feather-touch action are some more features that recommend it.

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