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Aluminum Turnstiles with Lexan Panels
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(1) Tiffany T-80T-AL
Full-Height Tandem Anodized Aluminum Turnstile with Card Reader Plates and Ovaline Arms

(1) Tiffany 80T-AL
Full-Height Single Anodized Aluminum Turnstile

Motorized ADA Swing Gate

(1) Anodized Aluminum Framing with Lexan Panel


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Installation of Caterpillar

When it comes to turnstile security systems, there’s no better provider than Turnstiles.US. If you’re in need of a professional turnstile system for your facility, this security turnstile option is the perfect choice. Even better, our team of professional design engineers will gladly work with you to provide the best guidance in installing this behemoth security unit. Our team of field engineers and technicians can also help provide the best turnstile installation for your facility. This door entry system allows for you to closely monitor all who exit and enter your facility, and provides the absolute best security, guaranteed.

The Tiffany T80 Series is the best security turnstile option! With a durable design that is tamper-resistant with high quality Ovaline arms, the T80S is the perfect full-height turnstile on the market. The Tiffany T80 is a three-vane turnstile with a weather resistant finish that is ideal for indoor or outdoor placement, and is crafted from the highest quality aluminum extrusions. If you’re looking for the best turnstile security systems and provider of turnstile installation, look no further than Turnstiles.US.