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Turnstile Security Systems and Controlled Access Systems

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Access control or biometric devices are really the “heartbeat” of a turnstile. Due to this fact, these solutions are often referred to as “access control turnstiles.” As mentioned above, a turnstile can work in tandem with virtually any authorizing device(s) – everything from the traditional card readers and key pads, to bar code and QR code readers, and even the non-traditional fingerprint and iris scanners.


But, while all these readers will work with security turnstiles, they differ greatly in size and shape, thus some integration techniques may be necessary for seamless operation. Turnstiles come standard with specific areas for mounting access control or biometric devices, but external pedestals, panel cut-outs, and other options are available for a perfect balance between security and aesthetics.

Turnstiles US Services

Turnstiles US offers a variety of services, to include Engineering, Drafting, Installation, Biometric Access Control, Photo-ID Badging and Annual Maintenance provided by our trained team of Field Technicians. Established May 1989, Turnstiles US has grown to be one of the largest Turnstile provider in the Globe.

EntraPASS Security Style Gates and Turnstiles


Our range of EntraPASS turnstiles and security gates can secure your assets and limit access


If you have a secure facility of any type where physical restraints are needed for ingress and egress of inmates or visitors such as a correctional facility, a park, an area with a ticket gate, or even an office space that needs securing, EntraPASS has the security solutions that you need.


From the wide range of options offered, you are bound to find one that fits exactly with your requirements:


EntraPASS Security Style Gates and Turnstiles — Types and Features


  • Controlled access with kits including turnstiles of various types, wireless transmitters, and receivers
  • Packages including remote desktop installation, completed AutoCAD installation documentation, and telephone support
  • Waist-high and full-height, military prison style turnstiles with access control
  • Features such as photo ID badge and/or biometric fingerprint scanners
  • Computer systems fully programmed with Windows 8 and EntraPASS, full initial setup and one-year desktop support
  • Ticket and photo ID printers
  • Secure holographic laminate Photo ID proximity card printer
  • Highly detailed imaging and CCTV systems that can be used in a court of law
  • Card access kit for pedestrian door
  • Computer including video and alarm and additional controllers including initial setup, one-year training and system support
  • Various options in protocol conversions
  • Wired and wireless proximity card readers, battery backup, and high powered UPS
  • Power supplies, door strikes, maglocks, battery backup

You can choose the security style gates and turnstiles that work best for your setup. Waist-high optical turnstiles are available with physical barriers and without them, which can be an excellent option when aesthetics and discreet security are important. Full-sized turnstiles are a good option when the physical restraints imposed have to be stricter and physically impossible to breach.

Get in touch with us at EntraPASS to learn more about the high-security turnstiles available to you and to get suggestions on personalized solutions. Call Patrick McAllister at 303-569-6776 ext. 101, email at

High Security Turnstiles: Simple and Effective Security Systems

In today's world of security breaches and threat, you can never be too careful when protecting your business or place of work. High security turnstiles and gates are the perfect solutions to keep your property safe, reliable, and secured at all times. Don't risk your well-being or peace of mind with faulty security systems. Ensure you're always heavily protected with high security turnstiles.


Design the Right High Security Turnstile With Our Help

Not only do we have the best security products on the market, but we design then as well. If you own a prison or a high-profile business, you know how important security is. Stop letting security risks brush by with ill-fitting turnstiles or broken systems. Our designer's custom fit all turnstiles to your specific measurements using state-of-the-art AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator graphics. Engineers have used these programs for years to get the right design. Now, we are implementing them as well. Send us a picture of your facility and measurements, and we'll design the right high security turnstile to fit any space.


Keep Your Security on High Alert With a Variety of Options

Having a high security turnstile that fits your facility isn't as important as having one that fits your needs. We have the largest selection of turnstiles to choose from. Whether you're looking for something more traditional or a gun stop turnstile, we have what you need. For more convenient security measures, a traditional turnstile may be perfect, or ask about our mantrap and controlled turnstiles for prisons and detention centers. Choose from a variety of waist or clear glass turnstiles for employee security access or visitor badge entrances. Our loss-control devices make it easy to add extra security on your high security turnstiles to avoid shoplifting and theft.

If you’re ready to put an end to your security risks once and for all, make us your only provider for high security turnstiles. As a leading manufacturer for businesses and organizations around the country, we are USA GSA licensed for your protection. For more information on our design process and product models, visit us online today.

Features & Benefits

The turnstile is designed to operate reliably in internal and external applications. However, for very dusty or humid environments, it can be delivered with appropriate optional features if the respective specifications are provided at the time of order.


TANSA turnstiles allow free exit out of the site or the building in case of a power failure, a feature mandated by law. If the customer wants the turnstiles remain locked during such an emergency, such functionality can be provided as an option, contingent upon the written request of the client. However, once set at the factory, the system then cannot be switched back to the emergency-exit state by the client and it remains locked during all subsequent power failures.


OPERATION                                   Configurable in both directions, providing both entry and exit with manual push.


BODY AISI                                    304 certified stainless steel (EN 10082-2 Grade 1G/2G).


HEAD and ARMS                            Plexiglass and stainless steel. Option of 10 mm thick tampered glass.




                                                      • Bi-directional access information monitored by electronic microprocessor.

                                                      • Adjustable opening and closing intervals, configured via electronic card.

MECHANISM                                  Monoblock construction mechanism with control cams that are


                                                       treated with AISI 304 gradestainless steel CNC against rust, ware-out, expansion, and contraction.


POWER SUPPLY                           110 Vac 60 Hz Switch mode supply. Max 25 Watts operational power. Max 12/24 Vdc internal voltage.


ENVIRONMENTAL SPECS             14 / 122 F° /(-10 / +50 C° ) temperature range. Can operate


                                                      even in -40 F° (-40 C°) with thermostat-equipped optional external heater. Rated for Max 95% humidity.


EMERGENCY MODE                       In power failures or when an emergency signal is issued, the


                                                       turnstile arms assume a position to allow free access.