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Turnstile Security Systems and Controlled Access Systems

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Turnstile Security Type The type of custom turnstile security system depends on numerous parameters. In an unmonitored subway or underground full-height turnstiles are the choice to prevent leaping over or piggybacking.  If the throughput is critical high-speed gates are often the selection. For office buildings where cosmetics are important depending upon the level of security optical gates or flap barriers are commonly selected.

Environment is a key concern when selecting a turnstile as to whether it is indoors or outdoors and in a corrosive location. There are a variety of steel grade materials that are utilized based upon these parameters.


Turnstile Materials Ruggedness is another concern for custom turnstile security systems and gates. For low volume, indoor, offices one can select surfaces, materials and finishes, which are aesthetically pleasing and functional. But the same product placed in a factory or construction environment with high volume, exposed to the elements with equipment and construction belts banging into it will affect the longevity.


Custom Turnstiles to your Specifications

# 1

# 1



$  28,679.00

3 Turnstiles
 1 ADA Gate
 Fence Cage

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Blue Turnstiles w/Lexan Cage

Compact Industries

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Custom Installation

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Glass & Aluminum Turnstile w/Framing

R.R.Donnelley, Harrisonburg, VA

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MTA Transit Turnstiles

HEW / HET "High Exit Wheel" / High Exit Turnstile

$ 24,000.00

Glass Turnstile

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Full height Single Turnstiles and ADA Gate w/custom Filler Panel


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