Turnstyle Cage Assembly
Source Link Distribution Facility, Chicago
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Cafeteria Employee Tracking System
CatRax Plus Turnstile & CatRax Clip Handicap Gate
Turnstile & Handicap Gate Package $ 5,875.00



Security Turnstiles & Auto Gates Price List
Modular Turnstile Building with Card Access
Mobile Security Systems
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Security Turnstiles that look nice

Client List Includes: Alcoa Aluminum, Alawai Tunsi & Brothers Hospital, Air Force Institute of Technology, Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing, Boom Town Casino, Canadian Embassy, Chugach, Chevron Texaco, Chicago Tribune Company, Children's Hospital Med Ctr, Citizens National Bank, Clorox Products, Corning Inc., Compaq Computers, Continental Dental, Cox Cable, DCA Logistics, Department of Defense, Dept. of State, Experience Music Project, F A A Goverment, First Calgary Savings, Flav-O-Rich Dairies, Ford Motor Company, Fort Bliss, General Dynamics, Greenpeace, Hastings Race Course, Haynes International, Honeywell Aerospace, Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Kearney & O'Banion, Lawrence Livermore, Lernout and Hauspie, Littleton Historical Museum, Los Alamos National Laboratory, LSG SkyChefs, Magee-Womens Hospital, Malone College, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, Mobil Oil, Motorola ICSD Division, National Endowment for the Humanities, New Regency Films. Northrop Grumman, NutraSweet Corp., Okeechobee Federal Court Bldg, ONIZUKA CESJV - AIR FORCE, Paine Webber, click on client list for additional information

AutoCAD Files
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Sands Regency Casino
AutoCad Catrax and KT-100 Wiring

West Point Military Academy
AutoCAD Turnstile Schematic

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DWG 1001S - Turnstile # 1 & # 2 - Entry Only - Schematic
DWG 1002S - Turnstile # 3 & # 4 - Entry Only - Schematic
DWG 1003S - Exit Readers

Hewlett Packard - Mexico

Soundmasking - Device Location Detail

Compact Industries

Turnstile Layout, Top View
Turnstile #1 - Card Access & Biometric Scanner Schematic
Turnstile #2 - Schematic
Turnstile #3 - Schematic


Philips Advance Transformer Division

Turnstile No 1 w/Card Access Schematic

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Security Turnstiles AutoCAD Schematics

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