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Which Is the Security Turnstile for You?

Take a look at the various security style gates and turnstiles available to learn which one is suitable for you

Controlled access turnstiles are a highly potent and effective means of securing any area; controlling ingress and egress and restricting the individuals and items that are allowed inside or outside a given perimeter. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the space, Turnstiles US has been providing security turnstile products and ADA gates. We provide solutions where you need to control pedestrian access such as amusement parks, embassies, arenas, stadiums, health clubs, schools factories, government buildings, and high-security areas.

Our family-owned business’s goal has been about creating security style gates and turnstiles for varied requirements. It is our customer-centric approach and our dedication to what we do that has made us one of America’s leading turnstile and gate manufacturers and a market leader in products such as these:

Full Height Security Turnstile options

These are available for various applications and can function as part of an integrated system or as standalone units. These turnstiles feature the latest cutting edge technology with features such as auto indexing, rotors and our 6500 series control head, and conform to UL standards. They can be integrated with most card reader systems and biometrics.

Waist High Turnstiles

Available in powder-coated or stainless steel finishes, these security style gates and turnstiles are waist high. Multiple variations and configurations are possible and you can choose from traditional tripod-arm, portable, and ADA.

Optical Turnstiles

These sleek units are effective security systems and discreet space savers at the same time. Choose from various sleek styles in smaller or larger profile units.

Barrier Optical Turnstiles

These security solutions combine the high tech optical systems with the physical restraint of an actual barrier. Choose from flap gate or retractable barrier designs.

If you want to learn more about the right security turnstile and gate for you and your specific security and access control requirements, call us at 330-273-6185 or toll-free at 800-942-0829. Contact us to ask a question or to get a quick quote today.