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Turnstile Security Systems to Keep You Safe

Simply put, turnstiles can help to safeguard people, property, and assets while restricting and regulating undesirable and unauthorized access or egress into or out of the property. There are so many ways in which turnstiles can enhance security of any perimeter area, whether it is an office, a hotel, an amusement park, or sporting arena, train or bus station, theater or even a prison, it becomes obvious how automated turnstile security systems can help to safeguard your property and everyone and everything in it. Consider the many ways turnstiles can help enhance security of a place:

Regulating Access

In an office a turnstile can help to regulate who comes in, how many people come in and at what time. Unauthorized people can be prevented from entering and it is possible to regulate the speed of ingress. Similarly in an establishment such as a luxury hotel, a revolving entrance can be most effective in preventing entry of undesirable elements; something that could be difficult to do discreetly with just a regular doorway entry.

Preventing Unauthorized Entry

Our turnstile security systems can ensure that only people with a proper ticket or pass are permitted to enter any area such as a movie theater, a bus station, metro station, or train station. Tickets can be scanned and checked before granting access. Security personnel have the time to perform proper checks and the turnstiles act as effective barriers to keep out those trying to gain unauthorized entry on to your premises.


Turnstiles are also a very effective means in high security areas such as prisons or other places where exit needs to be restricted, such as certain institutions or medical facilities. Inmates are contained effectively and safely without having to resort to any kind of force and without placing security personnel in any kind of danger.

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