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Turnstile Rental for Successful Events

If you are an event planner or someone who has been in charge of managing and controlling public pedestrian access to restricted areas, you will know the value of making that access secure, systematic, and organized. Turnstiles can be extremely useful in regulating such foot traffic, particularly where there are tickets or security checks involved. However it is not possible to be able to afford purchase of such equipment in very many cases. This is where a turnstile rental program comes in really handy.

Motorized Waist-High Turnstiles for Controlled Access

There are many benefits of using a rental program versus making a purchase here:
  • No capital investment is required when you rent. Going with a turnstile rental would obviously cost a lot less than purchase in most cases, and can make particular financial sense when they are to be used for event management. Costing and invoicing for the event can also become easier when renting and not buying.
  • With turnstile rental, event managers don’t have to worry about storage issues or breakdown and maintenance issues.
  • The rental plan can be customized to various requirements — for bigger or smaller events, shorter or longer durations. Turnstile rental extensions and corporate plans can also be made available as and when required depending upon the sort of event and its duration.
  • Organizers can enjoy immediate site delivery quickly and conveniently. Pick-up and delivery can be provided.
  • Event managers can have access to the latest and most technologically advanced equipment and the full kit of all required apparatus.
The Turnstiles E-Series MPP-112 Series provides effective and efficient access control barriers for a range of purposes and events. The rental kit includes the full set of apparatus needed to make your event a success.

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