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Turnstile Gates Add a Layer of Security

We tend to associate security turnstile systems with high-security facilities such as prisons or medium security premises that require ticketed entry. However, turnstile gates have various other applications and benefits that you may not have thought of yet. Securing entry points into offices, commercial premises, manufacturing facilities, and shop floors can have many operational benefits and can enhance the physical security of a property and those that use it.

How Turnstile Gates Can Work in Offices and Commercial Establishments

Consider how a turnstile system functions over a regular doorway. To start, there is the aesthetic appeal of professional looking but unobtrusive access control systems. They also prevent the need to employ security personnel who would be required to be physically present on-site to check who enters and leaves the premises. Unauthorized entry, exit before the authorized times, and similar movements can be detected and deterred with the help of a turnstile gates. The systems can be configured to permit movement in one or both directions, helping to further fine tune operations. Loitering, forced entry, and similar instances can be detected and users can be notified via various systems including the triggering of an alarm.

Tracking visitors on any premises, pinpointing potential threats and identifying inadequate/out of date credentials are some more benefits that accrue from the installation of these systems. Turnstiles can also accommodate a range of additional features to facilitate and control access such as proximity cards, biometrics, barcodes, magnetic stripes, and much more. They can work with or instead of security guards and personnel.

Additional Features That Recommend Turnstiles

Turnstile gates can be equipped with several additional features such as card readers to enhance operational efficiency and flexibility, and to improve overall security. These systems can be effectively and easily integrated into most existing setups and can be customized /modified to individual requirements.

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