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Portable Turnstiles for Your Business

Control pedestrian access and benefit your work place and your business

If you think turnstiles are only for prisons and other high security areas, think again. Turnstiles are a cost-effective and extremely efficient way to control access into any space such as an office, club, amusement park, stadium, or any system requiring tickets or the control of the flow of people. In particular, portable turnstiles are extremely useful for various businesses in a number of different ways.

Various Applications of Turnstiles

Firstly, of course, turnstiles help control ingress and egress of people in places that are prone to crowding or have security challenges such as park gates, club entrances, airports, sporting arenas, banks, train, and bus stations and so on. They are particularly useful for when payment is involved or some sort of ticket or permit is required to be checked.

Portable turnstiles can not only control, but can also count and tabulate. How many people went through a gate or exited an exit point? Turnstiles can help to keep a video record of such ingress and egress and check for infringements as well. They can assist personnel such as receptionists and security staff and act as preventive measures for unauthorized actions much like a security tag on merchandise in a shop. Turnstiles also enable remote surveillance. Security personnel do not have to be positioned directly on the spot but can be housed elsewhere and monitor the situation from a distance.

Types of Portable Turnstiles

The barriers can be physical or optical depending upon the particular requirements of your business — both practical and aesthetic. There are full-height turnstiles that are typically indicated for high security areas. Then there are waist-high, drop-arm turnstiles for places where verifications are required or where people are required to physically push through one after another. Optical turnstiles use card entry systems and lasers.

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