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Portable Turnstiles for Event Management

How Controlled-Access, High-Security portable turnstiles can help you manage your event and make it a success

Proper access control can make the difference between a successful, smoothly managed and orderly event, and a poorly managed, problematic one. The right kind of controlled access equipment can streamline entry processes, enable effortless ticket checking, and also enhance the security of an event. Portable turnstiles with various state-of-the-art, high-tech features can help event managers save time, money, and manpower.

Portable Turnstile Features and How You Can Make Them Work for You

Our unique portable turnstiles and access control systems are available in a range of sizes for various different requirements. You can choose from full-sized, high-security systems to waist-high gates with retractable barriers, swing gates, bars, optical turnstiles, barrier flaps, and even aesthetic-looking barrier-free turnstiles with a choice of features such as:
  • Photo-ID badging and/or Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
  • High-End and Highly Secure Holographic Overlaminate, Photo-ID Proximity Card Printer
  • KT-400 Card Access Control kit with Battery and Power Supply, Card Readers and EntraPASS Global Edition Software
  • Power Supplies, Door Strikes, Maglocks, Battery Backup
  • Tailgate inhibit features
  • Accessories such as ID Badge Holder and Belt Clip
  • Extremely detailed imaging that can be used in a court of law
In addition to the above features that you choose, you have full support from our professionals for setup, installation, training, reprogramming, or troubleshooting. A trained technician will set up your system, training you using a remote desktop application, and a one-year unlimited (but scheduled) remote desktop session to train, or reprogram, or trouble-shoot.

Being able to capture video and access events can be very helpful for event managers to control crowds, and bar ticketless entry. Entry and exit processes are mechanized and streamlined, becoming easier to manage and requiring less manpower.

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