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Mechanical Turnstiles

Turnstiles are a cost-effective and extremely efficient way to control access into any space such as an office, club, amusement park, stadium, or any system requiring tickets or access control of the flow of people. It’s also a very simple concept: create something that only allows entry in one direction and a specific amount of people through. All turnstiles are not alike, though. There are actually three different categories turnstiles can be grouped into, and those are video, mechanical, and optical. Each serves a different purpose: record entry/exit, prevent entry/exit, and guide the flow of traffic, respectively. Below, we’ve outlined some of the details that separate mechanical turnstiles from the other classifications.

These, as previously mentioned, are turnstiles that are used in order to control physical access. This is done by using ratchet mechanisms that only allow the stile to rotate in one direction and restricting and preventing the rotation in the opposite. Additional features include a specific design that only allows the turnstile to operate if some form of a payment has been made, like in a subway station.

Like a subway station, mechanical turnstiles are normally found in crowded public places. Another example would be in an airport. Airports have very tight security that attempts to only allow those who have been properly checked through, which is where turnstiles come in. Turnstiles are a great way to allow people to exit freely without that exit being used as an entrance. Or, less for security purposes and more from controlled traffic flow, turnstiles at amusement parks are used in lines. Having already paid, the turnstiles here function to keep lines intact and count the number of people passing through. Additionally, turnstiles are very effective in high security areas such as prisons or other places where the ability to exit needs to be restricted, such as certain institutions or medical facilities. Effective and safe containment can be established without putting security personnel in danger or having to resort to force.

Each different kind of turnstile has its own use in a type of security program. Mechanical turnstiles do a simple and efficient job of physically controlling access to certain things. Whether they’re programmed to accept payment of some kind, access credentials, control traffic flow, or prevent exit, turnstiles are the right solution to many security faults. To learn more about turnstiles and how they can enhance security for you, get in touch today. Call 303-569-6776 ext. 101 or drop us a line at