Inmate Meal Tracking System
CatRax Plus with Drop ArmCatRax Plus with Drop Arm

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Exit ADA Gate - CatRax Clip
Installations include:  FCC Coleman,   FCC Terre Haute,   FCC Petersburg,   FCC Pollack,   FCI Manchester,   USP Atlanta,   USP McCreary,  Click for FCC Comment
Model Number Description Cost
IMTS-2T-1ADA (2) CatRax Plus Turnstiles and (1) CatRax Clip ADA Gate  $   16,163.21
(1) EntraPass Special Edition Software with Barcode Readers
Includes: Special Edition Card Access Kit with
3-Barcode Readers, 3-KT100 Card Access Controllers with USB
interface. Battery Backup and Cat5 Plenum Cable w/Connectors
AutoCad Installation Schematics and 5 Year Warranty
Biometrics Add 3 - Fingerprint Scanners (V-Prox)  $     4,020.66
Photo-ID Add Fargo Photo-ID Badging Printer  $     3,059.70
2-Print Ribbons, Assure ID Software
I.D. Cards 3 1/2" x 2" Pre-Printed Barcode Cards, Interleaved 2 of 5  $            0.94
(Price shown is per card)
Software Upgrade EntraPASS Global Edition Upgrade  $     2,740.00
Allows System to go on your LAN with 5 Workstation Lic
KT-100 Upgrade Required to put KT-100 Controllers on LAN  $        588.00
LAUDS-1100 - RS232 to Ethernet Interface
Database Integration Tie your H.R. Database to EntraPASS Global  $     3,545.43
Software Only - Additional Code Required
Code for Database Write Code for Database Integration  $     4,000.00
The following is included at no additional cost:
AutoCAD Device Location Detail, including cable routing and Electrical Requirements.
AutoCAD Point-to-Point Wiring Schematics
Unlimited Telephone Support (until you are up and running)
Remote Desktop Software Setup and Training. We use and will log on to your
computer, setup the initial database, and train you on EntraPASS. 
Your computer will require Microsoft Excel 2007.
5 Year Equipment Warranty * 8641 S. Warhawk Rd. * Conifer, CO 80433 * Tel: 303 569 6776 ext 104 * Fax: 303 679 8949

Inmate Meal Tracking System

From: Kelvin Hibbard <>
To: Amanda Koehler <>

Subject: Re: Inmate Meal Tracking System

Good Afternoon Amanda,  Good to meet you
I worked first hand with this system through the installation and three
years of daily use while I was stationed at the Manchester Prison.
Loved it, very user friendly, I believe it payed for its self in a year.

The info you sent is perfect it shows exactly what I need them to see.

Hope to talk to you again soon.

Kelvin Hibbard
Food Service Administrator
FCI Oxford
PO Box 500
Oxford WI 53952
608-584-5511 ext. 1269
FAX: 608-584-6324

Prisons that use EntraPASS Inmate Meal Tracking


FCC Coleman
FCC Terre Haute
FCC Petersburg
FCC Pollack
FCI Manchester
Notron Correctional Facility, KS
USP Atlanta
USP McCreary
FCI Berlin
FCI Estill
FCI Ft. Worth
Federal Medical Center, KY
FCI Memphis
FCI Safford


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