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6500 Control Head:

Every Controlled Access Turnstile operates with

(1) control head for Singles and (2) for Tandem

Data Sheet

Wiring Diagram


Installation Guide


6500 Control Head Factory configurations include:

- Manual two-way (No Charge)
- Manual one-way: No passage in opposite direction (No Charge)

- Electronically-controlled One Way / Free Exit
- Electronically-controlled One Way / No Exit
- Electronically-controlled Both Ways

Electronic 6500 Control Head

Price: $ 505.00

Card Reader Mounting Plates
(1 per electronic direction)

For mounting most standard card readers

All these Turnstiles can be controlled with an existing Access Control System;

if you need a system, please visit

Card Reader Mounting Plate

Price: $ 60.00

# 1 Single Full Height High Security Series Turnstiles # 1

Stainless Steel
$ 8,176 to $ 17,308


Stainless with Powder-Coating

(quote to order)

Powder Coated
$ 4,423 to $ 14,254

$ 4,041 to $ 12,842

# 2 Tandem Full Height High Security Series Turnstiles # 2


Installation Manual

$ 8,617 to $10,211

Powder Coated Black, or Blue
$ 9,666 to $ 11,260

Stainless Steel
$ 17,465 to $ 19,538

Black or Safety Orange Caps (Qty. 104)
$ 208.00

# 3 Full Height ADA High Security Series Gates # 3

Our High-Security Series ADA Gates have been engineered to meet the most demanding security and control requirements.

Paired with our HS400 series full height high security turnstiles, they provide ADA accommodation to any project.

Crafted from tubular steel (for controlled, both direction units) or meshed with a push bar for free-exit projects, the HS336 completes any access control job.

These units are available in your choice of galvanized or powder-coated carbon steel or stainless steel (304 or 316 for extra corrosive resistance) finishes to match your turnstile array.



Installation Manual

Data Sheet

Stainless Steel Push Bar and Security Mesh
$ 3,672 to $ 6,810.00

Power Coated Push Bar and Security Mesh
$ 3,672 to $ 6,810.00

Stainless Steel Tubing
$ 3,672 to $ 6,810.00

# 4 Full Height Turnstiles in Aluminum with Lexan # 4

Tiffany Series T80

T80-S (Single) Price: $ 8,066.00
T80- T (Tandem) Price: $ 16,135.00


Metal Detection Turnstile

Price: $ 16,361.00


Monitor RD70

Price: $ 38,644.00


P60 Series

Price: $ 19,916.00

# 5 AutoCAD Documentation and Installation Manuals # 5

GSA No. GS-07F-9239S

Call 303 670 1099


Turnstiles US offers a variety of services, to include Engineering, Drafting, Installation, Biometric Access Control, Photo-ID Badging and Annual Maintenance provided by our trained team of Field Technicians. Established May 1989, Turnstiles US has grown to be one of the largest Turnstile provider in the Globe. Take a look around, then call Patrick McAllister - 303 670 1099.

EntraPASS Security Style Gates and Turnstiles

Our range of EntraPASS turnstiles and security gates can secure your assets and limit access

If you have a secure facility of any type where physical restraints are needed for ingress and egress of inmates or visitors such as a correctional facility, a park, an area with a ticket gate, or even an office space that needs securing, EntraPASS has the security solutions that you need.

From the wide range of options offered, you are bound to find one that fits exactly with your requirements:

EntraPASS Security Style Gates and Turnstiles — Types and Features

You can choose the security style gates and turnstiles that work best for your setup. Waist-high optical turnstiles are available with physical barriers and without them, which can be an excellent option when aesthetics and discreet security are important. Full-sized turnstiles are a good option when the physical restraints imposed have to be stricter and physically impossible to breach.

Get in touch with us at EntraPASS to learn more about the high-security turnstiles available to you and to get suggestions on personalized solutions. Call Patrick McAllister at 303-569-6776 ext. 101, email at