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Many Applications for Turnstile Security Systems in Theaters

Turnstile security systems from EntraPASS offer security and other benefits for areas requiring pedestrian control

Any area or enclosure that requires access restriction can benefit from the installation of automatic turnstiles. Places that require an admission ticket to enter or need some other type of authentication or authorization before being permitted entry into can benefit from our turnstile security systems. There are many reasons that make turnstiles a great choice for sporting arenas, some types of office spaces, public transport stations, and also for theaters.

Turnstiles Help Restrict Access While Looking Great

Would-be gate crashers, people looking to deliberately or inadvertently get into the wrong gate, or those trying to get in without a proper ticket can be restrained effortlessly. Access can be controlled and barred and the person can be physically restrained from making an unauthorized entry upon any premises. All this can be done while keeping in mind the importance of aesthetics for premises such as theaters and places of entertainment.

They Help Simplify and Streamline Processes

Our turnstile security systems are designed to streamline processes so that there is less for the security personnel to handle. Systems include kits with wireless transmitters and receivers and also have features such biometric fingerprint scanners, ID badge scanner, and so on. Card printers and card access kits for pedestrian doors, power supply and backup, and highly detailed imaging and CCTV systems are some other system features that you can opt for to add further layers of security and to further simplify processes that involve ingress and egress or foot traffic.

Various Different Systems and Systems Support

Our turnstiles are full-height or waist-high and they can be optical or barrier style turnstiles so you can choose the right option for your particular requirements. Not only do we provide the right products for the right job, we perform the full initial setup, program your systems and offer one year desktop support for your installations.

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