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# 1 HS Single Turnstile - ADA Gate with Anti Tailgate
HS 430 - S - GV Detection System
# 1

HS 430 S GV Tailgate Detection System Kit

(2) HS 430 - S - GV With Electric Control Head and end Caps

(1) ADA Gate HS 336 with Mesh and Panicbar

(3) Tailgate Entry Sentry System

(3) Pedestal for Card Reader

(4) Glass Alluminum Framed Hallways. 3' lenght

(1) Cable Package

(3) Card Reader (only entry)

(3) Relay and Base

(1) KT- 400 Kit

(1) EntraPass Global Edition WorkStation

Price: $ 49,225.00

Back View Front View Relay and Base KT-400 Kit Manual
# 2 Entry Sentry Anti Tailgate
ES5200 Series Tailgate Detection System
# 2

ES5200 Series Tailgate Detection System

1/4” Tailgate detection, helps ensure that only one person enters a secure area per valid authorization

• Compatible with all access control technology.

• Mounts easily on standard door frames and hallway walls.

• Blends in with architectural styling.

• Field congurable for card-in/card-out or card-in/free-exit operation.

• High throughput (30-45 people per minute) dependent on the access control system.

• Integrated Lock Control Relay helps provide faster throughput.

• Integrated door prop alarm.

• Encourages employees to maintain access control procedures.


The ES5200 Series Entry Sentry will utilize the building access control system to grant or deny access to the facility. This system will insure that only one (1) pedestrian enters a secured passageway for each valid card read. The system consists of two (2) components using active modulated proprietary sensing technology, mounted on either side of a doorway or passageway.

Mechanical Specifications

Size 2.0” W x 54.7” H x 2.6’
Mounting Direct mounting to door frame or wall Optional spacer mounting kit available
Finish Black with IR plexiglass cover


Detection System

One Card
One Entry Access Control.

Control pedestrian traffic at any door Senses direction.
And pedestrian count Tailgating causes local and remote alarms.


1: UNPACKING AND DISASSEMBLY (see detail drawing in Assembly section)
Remove the two assemblies from packaging. Receiver side has Key Switch and Indicator.

Remove three (3) 5/64” Allen Screws at upper, middle, and lower points on each assembly.

Remove the Upper Cover. Set Upper Cover aside.
NOTE - Unplug wiring from circuit board when removing the Receiver-side Upper Cover.

Remove the Lower Cover and set aside.

Remove the two 1/4” Hex Standoffs at the top and bottom of each electronics package, then slide package up and lift off of Mounting Plate.
Repeat for opposite assembly.

CLEANING - Soft damp cloth, mild soap solution. Dry with soft cloth. Avoid using paper as this may damage the optical surface. DSI recommends: Chemtronics® ES1668


The ES5200 Entry Sentry monitors the entry point into a secured area using proprietary sensing technology that profiles objects as they pass through the device. Unique algorithms process the data allowing people with carts or pull bags to pass without causing alarms. In an effort to reduce wiring cost, Entry Sentry offers an integrated Door Prop Alarm, Lock Relay and the option to install status indicators on the opposite side of the door, making the Entry Sentry the most accurate and cost effective anti-tailgate device in the industry.

$ 5,288.00

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